Space Moscow Tour
Duration: 6 days.
Want to know where the road to the Stars began?
To visit the origins of not only domestic but also world cosmonautics, to find out where the Foundation of future space discoveries was laid, to see where and how the first cosmonauts of the Earth prepared for flights?

Inclusions: hotel accommodation 3* or 4*, meals - breakfast at the hotel, except of the day of arrival, transfers as per the program, guided tours as per the program with an English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to museums and sightseeing sites.

Exclusions: international flights, additional excursions or transfers, accommodation in a single room, extra night stay at hotel.

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Program of the tour
We offer you a very special tour to discover Moscow as a historical center of Conquerors of Space.
Diving in the atmosphere of space travel can begin with accommodation in the Kosmos Hotel. The Unique building inin the hi-tech style has a very good location . The unique view of the Cosmonauts avenue will make your stay in Moscow from the first minutes impressive. Soviet Union was a pioneer in space exploration and you can see a lot of monuments, museums and unique objects in Moscow dated to this field. You will see world cosmonautics origins and you will even try " Flight in Weightlessness".

We offer you excursions to the objects of space infrastructure, trying space food and opportunity to meet a real cosmonaut. Fly to the stars-a journey through the "space" Moscow

The conquest of the star peaks is one of the outstanding achievements, which in Moscow were immortalized at VDNH (now-VVC). On the territory of the exhibition and near it there are many objects symbolizing the successes of the Russian space era , you will learn all the most interesting and exciting about astronauts, rockets and brilliant people who invented and created it all. You will see the original landers, spacesuits and ejection container in which the famous Squirrel and Arrow made their flight.

Starry sky, galactic expanses and the opportunity to touch the secrets of extraterrestrial civilizations-it's always exciting! We show you a lot of places, where in Moscow you can feel very close to the stars !
Day 1
Welcome to Moscow!
Our guide will bring you to a comfortable hotel, where you can rest after the flight and have some dinner. In the evening, we invite you to explore the beauty of night Moscow.

City tour "Moscow-space"
Moscow is a city that is closely connected with space discovery. During the sightseeing tour, you will pass along the route when: cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, after a successful return to Earth, triumphantly entered the capital on Leninsky Prospekt in an open car, accompanied by motorcyclists and, reach red square.

Excursion to Ostankino tower will be the brightest impression from the first acquaintance with the city. Ostankino tower - the tallest building in Europe, 540 meters. In good weather, it is visible from almost anywhere in Moscow. At an altitude of 337 meters, the TV tower is equipped with an observation deck, which is a great luck to visit.

Walking tour of VDNH with a walk along the alley of Cosmonauts. Cosmonauts alley is a memorial pedestrian alley, starting at Mira Avenue . You will see a monument to the "Conquerors of space".
Excursion to Cosmos Pavilion
The largest exhibit is a full-size model of the Mir orbital station. On an area of more than 15,000 sq. m contains 120 exhibits of aircraft and space technology, never before exhibited in a museum space; : Almaz orbital station, Soyuz spacecraft descent vehicle, GLONASS-K spacecraft, Luch spacecraft, Express-1000 spacecraft and others.
Zvezdny Star City Space Camp
Zvezdniy city what name means «Star city» is not only a place where Russian cosmonauts train, for many it has become a home, a place where not only cosmonauts live, but also their families.
Until the 1990s Star city was a secret place, not marked on maps. Closed to visitors, strictly classified, since the first flights of "Belkal and Strelka ", this unique object continues to work and live its life, carrying out the connection of the Earth with the entire Universe.

Today, the Star city can reveal its secrets to us, as now the reception of excursion groups is allowed. There are all conditions to become a real astronaut. But if you failed to fly space - you can help an astronaut from earth.

The mysteries of the cosmos
Star city is home to the cosmonaut training Center And the Museum of space exploration. For a while we will forget about earthly problems. The guide will tell you all about the spacecraft of the past and present, show simulators for training astronauts and reveal the history of space science.
During the tour you will see: the first missile, spacesuits astronauts, Yuri Gagarin's office, centrifuge for training of the vestibular loads hydrolaboratory with orbital complex. You will also have the opportunity to try real space food.

Excursion To Planetarium
This place is amazing and considered to be one of the most unusual museums in Moscow. Regardless of weather conditions and time of visit, you can contemplate an absolutely clear sky strewn with stars at the Planetarium. Here they will tell you about various celestial phenomena and take you on an incredible journey through space and time.
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Time for leisure, shopping and additional excursions.
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