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Russia - The most beautiful and largest country in the world
It is the richest country in the world because it has everything: generosity, hospitality, endless optimism, enthusiasm, faith in oneself and others. It's not given to anyone to travel and know to the end. Sightseeing tours in Russia will not leave anyone indifferent. Moscow and St. Petersburg are two world capitals with a rich cultural heritage. The old Russian towns, sweet and sincere, so hospitable and welcoming, full of surprises and worthy objects of display.
It covers an area of about 17 million kilometers. The country is located in the Northern Hemisphere, and most of the continent of Eurasia belongs to it. Russia has common borders with eighteen countries, including by sea. At sea, we border the USA and Japan.

Russia is a country in which a large number of nationalities coexist peacefully. The approximate number is 160 nationalities. Each nationality professes its religion. Therefore, in Russia you can meet Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and many others different religions. The country includes autonomous republics (22), territories (9). In Russia there are places that are included in the heritage of UNESCO. And they are not enough. You can highlight the Red Square, the Monuments of Novgorod, wooden churches built in Kizhi, the St. Petersburg Historical Center.
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First in space
The first man in space and immediately in orbit was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. On April 12, 1961, he made his first orbital flight on Vostok 1.
Russian ballet
Ballet in Russia reached its peak, becoming one of the visiting cards of the country and Russian art. Theater number in cities.
Moscow is the best city in the world.
Moscow has become the best tourist destination of the year in the world according to the most prestigious industry award World Travel Awards
The largest country
Russia – the largest country in the world, with an area of 17, 1 million square kilometers – on its territory would fit, for example, 25 France or 47 Germany.
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