Trip to the North Pole on the Icebreaker
Duration: 13 days.
The conquest of the pole and the opportunity to make the fastest journey around the world. Travel to the North pole on a nuclear icebreaker-a ship worth more than 2 billion dollars! Visit the legendary archipelago Franz Josef Land. A chance to see polar bears and walruses.
Enter the narrow circle of the chosen ones who have been "on top of the world"!
Inclusions: leadership throughout your voyage by our experienced Expedition Leaders, including shore landings and other activities; all transfers and cruising as per the daily program, all shore landings as per the daily program, shipboard accommodation with daily housekeeping, all meals, snacks, soft drinks and juices on board throughout your voyage, coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock, emergency Evacuation insurance for all passengers to a maximum benefit of USD $500,000 per person.

Exclusions: international flights, an additional night at the hotel before and after the tour.
Program of the tour
Your trip to the North Pole will be on the Icebreaker named "50 years of Victory"

It is the largest in the word nuclear-powered icebreaker. He is able to overcome the thickest and strongest ice but it is so comfortable for passengers.
This Icebreaker was built at the Baltic factory. The ship is equipped with a new generation digital automatic control system. The complex of biological protection means for a nuclear power plant has been modernized. An ecological compartment has been created with the latest equipment for the collection and disposal of all vital products. The vessel is owned by the state and is managed by the Atomflot FSUE.

On board you can find all what you need - a restaurant, two bars, a library, a lecture hall, a music salon, a sports hall, a sauna and a swimming pool with heated seawater, a gift shop. Also there is a satellite TV system on the board.
The navigation bridge overlooking the sea is open almost around 24 hours.

Day 1
You will be met at the airport and will go to a hotel in the city center. Today you will be able to explore the world's largest city, located beyond the Arctic Circle yourself.
Boarding day
In the afternoon, you will board the most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world - "50-s of Victory". You will start to know the ship and will go to sea through the Kola Strait.
DAYs 3-6
Arctic Ocean trip
On the way to the North Pole, you will find the most eventful days. Under favorable weather, you will have ice landings and helicopter flights over an icebreaker and Arctic islands going in the ice. Our experts will tell you about the wildlife of the Arctic. If you wish, you can visit the captain's bridge and go on an excursion to the engine room - the heart of the icebreaker. And also spend time in the pool, gym or sauna.
North Pole
Reaching the North Pole, you can enjoy the moment. All meridians converge in this place: wherever you look, everywhere will be south. The whole world will be at your feet - in the literal sense of the word.

You will make the shortest round-the-world trip, simply bypassing around 90 °.You can have a barbecue right on the ice and you can even plunge into the Arctic Ocean.
DAYs 8-10
Franz Josef Land
These days you are exploring one of the most inaccessible regions of the Arctic - the Franz Josef Land archipelago.
It is easy to meet polar bears here, who feel themselves to be full owners of the Arctic in this place. Out of curiosity, they often approach the very side of the ship and allow you to take unique photos. A 24-hour polar day allows you to watch animals at any time of the day.

In addition to natural resources, Franz Josef Land is rich in stories of Arctic exploration. You will experience the feelings of the heroes of the legendary story "Two Captains". You will learn how Sedov died at the ZFI, in an attempt to reach the North Pole. And on Cape Flora, Northbrook Island, members of the Brusilov expedition, the navigator Albanov and the sailor Konrad, found salvation. After a failed attempt to conquer the North Pole on Cape Norway, the famous Norwegian travelers Nansen and Johansen spent 7 months. And these are just a few pages from the Franz Joseph Land History Book.
Tikhaya Bay is known for the well-preserved buildings of the first Soviet polar station. Now here is the base of the Russian Arctic National Park, from where you can send your friends a postcard from the northernmost post office in the world.
DAYS 11-12
Barents Sea
Icebreaker going back to Murmansk. One of the days, the final photo presentation awaits you - you can once again experience the most impressive moments of the trip. And you're invited to dinner with the captain!
DAY 13
Back to Murmansk
After breakfast, you will land and transfer to the airport. Congratulations! Now you are among the few travelers who have visited the top of the planet.
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