Hunting and fishing
There are no words that can express the excitement, the waves of rolling delight that can experience a man who went out to fight with the beast.

The Altai Republic is the cradle of an ancient civilization of warriors and hunters. Wild nature, professional gamekeepers will help you to experience the true excitement of the hunter chasing his desired trophy. Hunting tour programs are aimed at the guests, who expect to enjoy the hunting experience and good trophies alongside with the untouched wilderness and pristine beauty of nature. You will be accompanied by the multi-layered and breathtaking landscape throughout the whole trip, however, the sight of such kinds of wild animals as Siberian stag, Siberian ibex and roe is the most impressive.

Program of the tour
A Hunting grounds are located in the depths of the Altai, near the highest mountain Belukha (4506m.). Hunting is carried out in the mountain-taiga zone, where the temperature varies depending on the season and the altitude from 25° C to 28° C (altitude 900-3000 meters).

All hunting expeditions depart for the mountains from the base camps. First you go 25-50 kilometers by UAZ car. Evening hunting is carried out on the same day. It is carried out within a radius of 1-20 kilometers with the duration from 8 to 10 days, depending on the type of the tour. Every hunter is accompanied by two experienced gamekeepers.

Hunting for Siberian stag from the 20 August to the 31 December is carried out in the morning with the help of the hunting decoy during the rut ( September-October), the rest of the time using the approach method or the dogs. Horses are used to travel, you will spend nights in a wooden hunter's cabin with a wood-burning stove and a Russian sauna. During one- or two-day hunting tours nights are spent in a tent. Hunting is carried out in a completely wild mountainous area, at an altitude of about 2500-3000 meters above sea level and requires good physical training. Transfers between hunting places are carried out on horseback or on foot.

The Siberian ibex (from 20 August 20 to 31 December) is the most imposing type of goats. It is a large and heavily built goat with a deep thorax, short neck, its forehead is broad, but the head is narrow to the bottom, the color of its `beard` is either brown or black. Adults and old individuals are distinguished primarily by large horns and a darker color of fur. The average size of the trophies is about 105-120 cm. Hunting is carried out in a completely wild mountainous area, at an altitude of about 2500-3000 meters above sea level and requires good physical training. Transfers between hunting places are carried out on horseback or on foot.

Hunting for Siberian roe is carried out from 25 August to 20 September for adult males, for all age groups - from 1 October to 31 December. The following hunting methods are used: approach hunting, hunting with dogs and hunting at crossings during the rut. The hunt is conducted in a completely wild mountainous area. Transfers between hunting places are carried out by horses or UAZ car. The Siberian roe is one of the largest animals in the roe deer genus, it can weigh from 600 to 1000 grams. This animal is short, its height is up to 1 m, it is gracefully built and has thin, dry and strong legs. The head of the animal is decorated with beautiful horns. You can hunt Siberian roe near the base camp, as the camp is located in the middle of the district, where roes dwell. You can get to the hunting ground by car, on horseback or on foot.
There's a possibility to live in one of the base camps "Tungur", "Antara" or "Kucherlinskoe lake". In the base camps there is a Russian sauna, dining room and staff. Crossings between camps are no more than 20 kilometers. At the place of hunting you can sleep either in houses or in tents.


Accommodation, 3 meals a day, transportation during the hunt (horses, UAZ car), gamekeepers' service.

In tents: you need to bring a sleeping bag, a tent and a sleeping pad are provided.
The guides sleep in a separate tent. There will be no Russian sauna on the route, only at the beginning and at the end, at the base camp in Tungur.

Food is cooked on the fire, cooking guides are engaged.

Paid separately:
Transfer from the arrival airport (Gorno-Altaysk or Barnaul); processing of the trophy and preparation for transportation, registration of veterinary documents; injury of the animal — 50% of the value of the trophy; use of a helicopter (optional).

How to get:
– to Gorno-Altaysk or Barnaul by plane from Moscow
– by car or helicopter to the village Tungur

Time zone:
plus 3 hours to Moscow time

Climatic conditions:
The Climate of the Altai territory is mild, transitional to continental, formed as a result of frequent changes in air masses coming from the Atlantic, Arctic, Eastern Siberia and Central Asia. Average temperatures in July are +26...+28 °C. Average temperatures in January are -20...-24 °C.

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