River Cruises Moscow – St. Petersburg
Duration: 8 days/7 nights or 7 days/6nights.
Admiring the beauty of his native land — the best holiday for body and soul, and if it is a cruise on the river with a review of cultural attractions encountered in the way of cities and visiting the Islands, fireworks emotions provided!
Inclusions: accommodation in cabins, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the trip itself, bed linens, excursions as outlined in the cruise program, and entertainment.

Exclusions: international flights, an additional night at the hotel before and after the tour.
Program of the tour
Day 1
Welcome to Moscow/Welcome to the board
Admiring the beauty of any region is the best rest for soul and body, and if it is a river cruise with an overview of the cultural attractions of the cities on the way and visiting the islands, a firework of emotions is provided! We offer a fascinating river cruise "Moscow - St. Petersburg". An informative vacation on the water lasts from 8 days. You will not be bored on board, as At your disposal are wellness treatments (exercise therapy, massage, oxygen cocktails, etc.), a variety of dishes three times a day, educational excursions during parking, daytime and evening entertainment programs, and new landscapes every day. For children, entertainment is provided in the children's club, where they are under the supervision of animators. Comfortable cabins are equipped with everything necessary for relaxation.

Overnight: On a board

Meals included: lunch (L), and dinner (D).
Uglich Uglich is one of the popular tourist centers of the country, famous for its beautiful monuments of Russian architecture. The dramatic events that took place at the end of the 16th century in Uglich - the death of Tsarevich Dmitry (symbolically depicted on the emblem of the city) became the main cause of the Great Troubles. More than a dozen museums work in the city and its environs. This is one of the oldest museums in Russia, it is already over 120 years old.

The "Museum of Urban Life of the 19th Century" tells about the life and traditions of the province of the century before last. The Museum of the History of Russian Vodka is dedicated to Peter Smirnov, a native of these places, the "vodka king". The Worker's Museum "Another World" in the village of Ivashkovo (11 km from Uglich) introduces peasant life. Guests will be able to repenton horseback, learn how to saddle and harness, manage sledges and carts, etc. During our stop you can enjoy a walk around the Kremlin, plunge into the sacrament of Tsarevich Dmitry Church, Spasso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and Epiphany Monastery

Overnight on board
. Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D).
With the opening of the Volga-Baltic waterway, this ancient village became known to thousands of people by the ensemble of the Resurrection Goritsky Monastery. The ancient cathedral, the white monastery walls descend to the water itself. Mount Maura is clearly visible from the marina. Mount Maura is one of the most beautiful places in the region. From its top, a fabulous view opens: the domes of distant churches, centuries-old monastery walls, the expanse of lakes.

The main attraction of the village of Goritsy is the female Goritsky monastery, founded in the 16th century by Princess Euphrosynea Andreevna Staritskaya, who was later exiled there by Ivan the Terrible and tonsured a nun. The Goritsky monastery subsequently often served as a place of exile for noble Russian women.

Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D).

Overnight on board. (BLD)

Kizhi is an island on Lake Onega in Karelia, on which the world-famous architectural ensemble is located, consisting of many wooden buildings: churches, chapels, houses, outbuildings. According to one legend, the Transfiguration Church was built without nails with one ax, which the master then threw into the lake. In 1990, Kizhi Pogost was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (1714) is the most famous and outstanding building of the ensemble.
The church is crowned with 22 chapters, placed in tiers on the roofs of the logs and octagons, which have a curved shape like "barrels". Pokrovsky Temple - the temple is "winter" (that is, heated), the service in it is from October 1 until Easter.

Kizhi island is one of the many places that attract tourists. During your stay on the island you will have an exciting walking tour of the villages of the island, where you can plunge into the originality of Russian life. You will be able to see all the beauty of the villages when you visit the village "Yamka" and the village "Vasilyevo".

Overnight on board.
Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)
Russian village "Mandrogi"
Mandrogi is a stylized Russian village with souvenir shops, cafes with Russian vodka, baths and other fun. For foreigners, this parking lot is of undoubted interest, but not particularly for Russian tourists, with the exception of a small layer of Muscovites who have already forgotten what a Russian bathhouse and nesting doll are. It should be noted that the houses have a very distant connection with Russian history. For example, one of the houses is richly decorated with crocodiles.

You can find here:
– Souvenir shops;
– Tasting Russian vodka;
– Russian sauna;
– Horseback and carriage rides;
– Outdoor picnics with barbecue, fried piglets and other Russian national food;
– There is a small beach with clean, but cold water (the Svir River flows from the northern Onega Lake);
– You will be offered a tour "On the paths of Russian fairy tales" - a "exhibition" of fairy-tale characters is arranged right in the forest.

Overnight on board.

Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)
Valaam Island
"Balaam" in translation from Karelian means "high land" or "mountainous land", which corresponds to reality: the soil on the island is stony, and for centuries the land has been brought here from the mainland.

This island is famous for its harsh but beautiful nature, as well as ancient culture and history. The main attractions of Valaam are the wondrous northern nature, forests, lakes, islands and the historical Transfiguration Monastery with its many hermitages scattered around the islands. When visiting holy places, do not forget to take a boat and go around the island: the views will not leave you indifferent.
The island of Valaam is not a tourist center in the conventional sense. There are no amusements familiar to the traveler, but in this holy place you can get a different, unforgettable experience: to understand the futility and meaninglessness of some seemingly important questions, to know pacification and think about things that usually have no place in our everyday fuss. Balaam gives an incentive to spiritual development, makes you rethink something in your life.

Overnight on board.

Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)
Sortavala is a Karelian city that is famous for its unusual architecture and natural monuments. The small-sized settlement includes two hundred sights of various eras, and the territory around the city has beautiful nature that will delight every contemplator. There are about two hundred architectural, natural, cultural and historical monuments that can captivate even the most selective travelers. During its existence, Sortavala managed to visit the composition of three different states, which greatly affected its appearance and buildings. Buildings on the city streets have interesting architecture, unusual for typical Russian cities. Children will be very interested to visit Sortavala. There are attractions and places of interest for all ages. With a child, you can visit the Karelian Zoo, which is located next to Lake Yanisyarvi, formed in the crater from a meteorite falling here. More than 600 animals and birds live in the park, among which there are llamas, deer, roe deer, African ostriches and others. It is noteworthy that the living conditions of animals are close to natural, and some of the animals can be fed. There is also a contact zoo on the territory where domesticated and tame animals live.

Overnight on board.
Meals included: breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)

St. Petersburg
The northern capital attracts thousands of tourists every year. The beauty and unusual atmosphere of the ancient city attracts them here. The description of St. Petersburg attracts every connoisseur with its extraordinary architecture, bewitching history, and the opportunity to feel the spirit of the tsarist era. The architectural description of the sights of St. Petersburg emphasizes the richness of styles, the beauty of buildings, churches, squares, bridges and avenues. You can enjoy all the beauties and sights of the Northern capital. Hermaga, Faberge Museum, the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg have always been and will be of interest to tourists from all over the world. Welcome and a huge cultural heritage to you.

Meals included: breakfast (B),
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