Arkhangelsk – Severodvinsk-Small Karelian village
Inclusions: hotel accommodation, meals - breakfast at the hotel, except of the day of arrival, transfers as per the program, guided tours as per the program with an English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to museums and sightseeing sites.

Exclusions: international flights, additional excursions or transfers, accommodation in a single room, extra night stay at hotel.

Program of the tour
Day 1
Welcome to Arkhangelsk
Transfer from the railway station of Arkhangelsk to the hotel.
The sightseeing bus tour "Russia's first port" with a visit to the shipyard "Pomorsky Koch" will introduce you to the history of Arkhangelsk, its main attractions and the modern life of the regional center. Acquaintance with the city begins at Cape Pur-Navolok, where the city was founded by the decree of Ivan the Terrible. Gostiny Dvory-a monument of architecture of the XVII century-today the oldest building in Arkhangelsk. The most attractive place is the embankment, where many interesting objects are concentrated. Here are the tourist hits of Arkhangelsk-the monument to Peter I and the Seal-Savior. In the appearance of the modern regional center, it is difficult to feel the spirit of the ancient Pomeranian city, but today Arkhangelsk revives the traditions of wooden shipbuilding. Tourists will go to the island of Solombala. The centuries-old history of the island is connected with the sea: Solombala is rightfully considered the "cradle of the Russian fleet" and the base of equipment for many polar expeditions. At the berths of the embankment of George Sedov, where he was preparing for an expedition to the North Pole, there are hydrographic vessels, and at the shipyard "Pomorsky Koch" by the forces of the Arctic school of traditional wooden shipbuilding, construction of the koch - a vessel on which the Pomors went fishing in the Arctic seas-began. Isn't it interesting to see with your own eyes how modern masters, using the techniques of wooden shipbuilding, recreate the ship of the pre-Petrine era?!
Lunch at a restaurant in the city center.
Country bus tour to the largest open – air museum in Russia-the Museum of Wooden Architecture and folk Art "Malye Korely" (25 km from Arkhangelsk), which houses a unique collection of 120 monuments of wooden architecture of the Arkhangelsk region (churches, chapels, mills, residential and outbuildings). A tour of one section of the museum, free time on the territory of the museum, purchase of souvenirs.
Check-in at the selected hotel. Dinner (on your own).

Bus tour to Severodvinsk (45 km)
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
Severodvinsk, like Arkhangelsk, is classified as a land territory of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. It is relatively young - it received the status of a city in 1938: it is necessary to build ships for the young Northern Fleet, and a shipbuilding plant has been built on the territory of the former Nikolo-Korelsky monastery. A Soviet city has grown up around the plant - its architecture reflects the glorious past of these places. There are no historical attractions here, but there is a major shipbuilding plant. Today, Severodvinsk is the Center of Russian nuclear shipbuilding, and there are nuclear submarines at the former monastery berths. Tourists get acquainted with the history of the Russian submarine fleet and nuclear shipbuilding in the city Museum of local lore during the interactive lesson "Museum Submarine".
Transfer to the White Sea coast (10 km, Yagry Island).
Severodvinsk is a coastal city, it is located on the shores of the Dvina Bay of the White Sea. "The island of Pink in the sea of White" was called by the British the island of Jagra. Here, near the walls of the Nikolo-Korel Monastery, in the XVI century, the trade and diplomatic relations of the Russian state with England and other European countries began. These days, this picturesque coast is a favorite holiday destination. The ancient pine trees on the sand dunes and the black granite stone in memory of the sailors of the Kursk submarine do not leave anyone indifferent.
Return to Arkhangelsk.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Visit to the Northern Maritime Museum. Excursion "The Millennium of Northern navigation". The museum's exposition tells about the history of Russian navigation in the Arctic and the polar expeditions that were equipped in Arkhangelsk. Individual showcases are dedicated to famous ships and their creators. A special place is occupied by the history of the northern convoys during the Great Patriotic War. But what a maritime museum without models of ships! There are more than two dozen of them – from models of three-masted sailboats of the XVII century-to the famous " Sv.Foki", on which G. Sedov went to the North Pole, models of ships that were received by the Northern Shipping Company in 1970-80.. The museum's collection includes Pomeranian gear, ship devices and instruments, nautical charts, as well as rare publications related to navigation.

Visit to the Museum
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, check-out from the hotel.
Visit to the Museum of the Artistic Development of the Arctic named after A. A. Borisov. Alexander Borisov is a world-famous painter, a student of I. Shishkin and A. Kuindzhi, he was the first to paint Arctic landscapes from nature. The artist built a studio on Novaya Zemlya and worked in the most difficult conditions of the Arctic - in the chilling wind under his brush, paintings of "The Land of Eternal Cold and Darkness" were born. At the beginning of the twentieth century, exhibitions of Borisov's paintings were a huge success. The Arkhangelsk Museum has a unique collection of the artist's works: here are stored almost all the works with which A. A. Borisov at the beginning of the XX century triumphantly drove through the cities of Europe and America. In one of the halls, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the art of the Nenets people and the works of the original artist Tyko Vylka.
Walking tour along Chumbarov-Luchinsky Avenue. Today it is a kind of open-air museum where the exhibits are wooden houses and street sculpture. In the early 80s of the last century, when the appearance of Arkhangelsk began to change rapidly, the idea was born – to collect in one place all the types of houses that were found in the buildings of the early twentieth century, and create a street from them that would remind you of the wooden Arkhangelsk. Old buildings can tell a lot about the life and life of citizens. Lanterns, benches and wooden fences create a sense of comfort in a small town. The sculptures on Chumbarovka are small in size and also attract the attention of tourists: a short old man kindly extends his hand for a handshake-a monument to the artist and storyteller Stepan Pisakhov, another, in an open sheepskin coat riding on a huge fish-the hero of his fairy tales Senya Malina. A woman - "the goddess of the hearth" sits at a spinning wheel, Pomorskie Kochi on the pedestal of the monument to Boris Shergin.
Lunch at a cafe / restaurant in the city center. Free time. The end of the excursion service.
Airport transfer

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