Duration: 12 days.
Kamchatka is a unique land of active volcanoes and geysers, the nature here is almost untouched by man and preserved in its original form.

Inclusions: hotel accommodation, meals - breakfast at the hotel, except of the day of arrival, transfers as per the program, guided tours as per the program with an English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to museums and sightseeing sites.

Exclusions: international flights, additional excursions or transfers, accommodation in a single room, extra night stay at hotel.

Program of the tour
Day 1
Arrival to the Yelizovo airport, check-in at the hotel of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Lunch at a Korean restaurant, a city tour and a trip to the Pacific coast on the Halaktyl beach with black volcanic sand. In the evening - dinner at the hotel, informal meeting of the group.
Today we will start with an excursion to the ancient stratovolcano Vachkazhets (1550 m above sea level). Off-road driving in jeeps will give an unforgettable experience. The place is unique in the number of flowers and plants. One of the lovely places for naturalist photographers from around the world. You can collect "Sagan-Dala» yourself. A well-known tonic drink is made from the plant. You will eat Snack lunch and drink hot tea near the waterfall. In the evening - a concert of Koryak songs and a master class in national dances will wait you. At the final of this day – there is a perfect dinner at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.
A boat trip in the Pacific Ocean: birds, marine mammals, fishing. We will have Lunch on the ship. The menu includes ear and crabs. If you have time - in the evening you can go to the interactive museum "Volcano" in Petropavlovsk (at your own expense). At the end of the 3-rd day, we will finish with dinner in the hotel.
In the morning, we will go in jeeps to the North of the peninsula. Lunch will be on the way (in the village of Milkovo, extra charge). In Kamchatka, in fact, one road, but even it, for the most part, is gravel. The last 4-5 hours of the route are completely off-road through the taiga and along the lava fields. However, you will already begin to get used to the severity at this point, and the driver's skill will not allow you to doubt the safety of the trip.

Our destination is Tolbachinsky Dol, an area tens of kilometers covered with volcanic sand. In Soviet times, rovers and lunar rovers were tested here. We will settle in glamping - multi-seat comfortable tents. Romance of camping life combined with the comfort of a soft bed - what could be better! In the evening, we will fry kebabs and fish, admiring the lava landscapes.
The excursion program will be in the Tolbachinsky Dol. We will visit volcanic cones, lava fields and caves, take a walk through the "Dead Forest", buried under a mustimeter layer of volcanic ash. We are waiting for both rich tracking, and moving in jeeps. The chef will prepare hot meals for you. The accommodation will be - in glamping.
Today, according the program - climbing the "Plosky Tolbachik" volcano (3140 m above sea level), which will require the physical endurance from you. The severity of the rise is fully compensated by the opening views of the surrounding volcanoes and the failure of the crater. You can refuse to climb and walk along the lava fields, visit interesting places and remote caves in the company of the second guide. Our chef will make dishes for ypu. For those who go to the volcano, he will prepare lunch boxes. The placement will be in glamping.
In the morning we will meet aurora over the "Dead" Forest and move into civilization - in the village of Esso, where the indigenous people live - Evens, and almost every inhabitant has his own thermal water pool near each home. One of them, of course, will be in the territory of our hotel. Lunch we will have with us - lunch boxes. After dinner in the hotel, you can walk around the village or relax in the thermal water.
In the morning, we will visit the Esso Ethnographic Museum, where a very interesting excursion program waits us, dedicated to the culture and life of the local population (Evens and Koryaks). Also in the museum, you can buy national crafts and handmade souvenirs. In the afternoon - rafting on the river Fast and fishing. For lunch, we will have a delicious ear of freshly caught salmon. Dinner will wait you after program at the hotel.
Today we will spend the whole day on a road that we already know. Lunch on the way will be by bill (in the village of Milkovo). In the evening, we get to the village of Paratunka, where we check in to the hotel complex, where you may use an aqua zone (included in the price): an outdoor pool with thermal water, a jacuzzi, slides. Dinner will be at the hotel.
DAY 10
Today, according to the plan, climbing the crater of Mutnovsky volcano (1750 m above sea level) - the most accessible, colorful and active in the south of the peninsula. His visit is obligatory for everyone who came to Kamchatka. The road in jeeps in one direction will take about 4 hours, on the way we will stop at the picturesque Vilyuchinsky pass. For walking tour, you need to have comfortable clothes and shoes. During the day, we will have snack lunch. In the evening, we return to the village of Paratunka and will have dinner at the hotel.
DAY 11
At this day our wait climbing to volcano «Gorely» (1830 m above sea level) or visiting the Mutnovsky geothermal station, the Small Valley of Geysers and Vilyuchinsky Falls. The program on this day will depend on weather and the decision of the group. In the afternoon will have tasty snack lunch, in the evening - Gala dinner near waterfalls will wait you in the hotel.
DAY 12
In the morning, we will go to a special shop to buy fresh fish, caviar and crabs. After it will be the transfer to the airport and home flight.
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