To the Altai mountains treasure
Altai is an ideal place for tours. A wide range of routes: from the simplest to the most complex. Feel the romance of camping life. Hiking tours in Altai will allow you to see the sights that are away from the busy trails.
Duration: 8 days/7 nights

The Altai Mountains are the highest mountain range in Siberia, the highest point of Altai and Siberia in general is the mount Belukha (4506 m). The mountains are of mainly volcanic origin. In the Mesozoic era the Altai Mountains were gradually destroyed by the action of the sun, wind and other natural forces. Altai is often called "Russian Tibet" or "Siberian Alps".
Inclusions: hotel accommodation, meals - breakfast at the hotel, except of the day of arrival, transfers as per the program, guided tours as per the program with an English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to museums and sightseeing sites.

Exclusions: international flights, additional excursions or transfers, accommodation in a single room, extra night stay at hotel.
Program of the tour
Day 1
Meeting the guide at the airport and going to the comfortable hotel. Leisure time we will visit National museum named after Andrey Anohin with one of its main exhibits, mummy of "Altai Princess" found on Ukok Plateau.
Arzhan Suu - Karym red deer farm
Arzhan Suu - Karym red deer farm First stop is the spring Arzhan Suu. Water in the spring is full of silver, cooper and other mineral impurities that is why the water is stored for a long time and have a beneficial effect on the improvement of metabolic processes in the body. Next we will visit the Karym red deer farm. The farm is located in the beautiful gorge of the Karym river, 5 kilometers from the Chuysky tract. The closed and protected territory, located on the slopes of picturesque mountain ranges, the cheerful and talkative river of Muna, running along the gorge before its confluence with the beautiful Katun river, deer and wild horses grazing freely in the meadows. Guests are told about the habitat, life of red deer, and the process of harvesting antlers is shown. You will have the opportunity to purchase natural products from antlers: balms, cosmetics, herbs, etc. Moving along the river Katun to the village Uznezya located in the forest on the river shore.

Walk around Chemal village
During the tour we will visit Chemal Hydroelectric power station which is located in the southern part of the village. The station is one of the first in the region, built in 1935. Then we go on the "goat trail" along the river Katun and appears on the rocky island Patmos. On the Patmos island we can visit little church of the femail monastery. The island is connected with the shore of the river with the help of suspension bridge. Next to the temple in the rock is carved image of the Virgin and Child.

Excursion to the national Altai dwelling-Ail. During the visit of Ail you can experience the atmosphere of the 10-13 century, travel back in time and get acquainted with the way of life, traditions, customs, culture, history and pagan religion of Altai nomadic tribes.
After lunch departure to Oroktoiski bridge to the narrowest and deepest place on the river Katun. On the way we visit the tract Che-Chkysh, take a short climb along the creek to the observation platform. Then return back to the hotel for dinner.

Karakol valley
Moving along the ancient trade route - Chuyski tract through its highest point Seminskii pass (1739 m above the sea level) to ethno-park Uch-Enmeck. Tasting traditional cuisine. Archi is cultured milk food which tastes like yogurt; Altai cheese Kurot; Talhan – specially processed wheat mixed with butter and honey in shape of balls. Karakol Valley is believed to be a Sacred place among natives – Altai people. Whole groups of ancient burial mounds and a great number of rock paintings are situated here. It is believed that ancient monuments of the valley represent an informational code about laws of universe in the light of traditional culture of natives. People of the valley differ by its peculiar mentality and believe they are connected with the nature of this valley spiritually. Temple and funerary complexes Tuekty, Bashadara, Boochi, Karakol – where Afanasyev and Karakol people, royal Scythians and warrior Turkic people build their temples and altars, buried their chiefs and priests. Ride to Boochi. There is a great amount of archeological monuments around this place: steles, stone fences, mounds with balbals – the main part of them oriented to Uch-Enmek peak.

Visit of Bashadar mounds group that is a special place, a sacral center. It is proved by systemacy of placing burial mound and a detection of geomagnetic fields within the limits of this system, that response to the human stay in this zone. Late in the evening at the light of a fire and bright stars you will enjoy a folk program with throat singing and playing national musical instruments. This performance awakes deep personal background, helps to feel the spirit of Altai people, natural devotion, allows enjoy unsurpassed skills of musicians, some of whom are international festivals winners. And later, coming back to the ail, you will feel like traveling in a time machine back to ancient times. Before going to sleep, they make a fire in the center of ail and the smoke will go out through a hole on the roof. Ancient Altai household facilities, which decorate the habitation, create a special flavor and a spirit of the time.
Departure to the head water of the Katun and Chyia river
On the way we pass Chike-Taman mountain pass (1295 masl).
Stop near all significant and spectacular sights on the way.

Then visit Kalbak-Tash Hole and see rock paintings – petroglyphs. More than 500 formations with more than 5 thousand pictures are drawn on the rocky flattened elevation, situated across the valley of Chuya River. They all are carved with stone or metal tools mainly in a dotty way. The most ancient pictures are dated to the 8th century BC.

Return to hotel. Leisure Time
The Teletskoye lake
The Teletskoye lake belongs to the 20 world deepest lakes. Length is 77,7 km. Average width is 2-3 km. Maximal width is up to 5 km. Its area is not large – 223 км². However, due to its depth (average depth is 175 m, maximum is 325 m) it contains huge amount (40 km³) of excellent fresh water saturated with oxygen, and transparent to the depth of 12-15 meters. About 70 rivers flow into the lake, though 70 % of all water is given by Chulyshman flown from south. Giving its waters to the Biya river (98% of drain) the lake feeds the Ob to a considerable extent.
Flight over lake Teletskoye and the Chulyshman river
Fly over waterfalls, mountain peaks and rivers in the area of lake Teletskoye.
See from a bird's eye view of Uchar waterfall - the Largest one in Siberia (160 m), the valley of the Chulyshman river, Akkurum hollow (the famous valley of stone mushrooms).
In the valley of Chulyshman you can make Parking (up to 3 hours) and have a picnic.

By water will visit Waterfall Korbu – the most picturesque waterfall in the surroundings of the Teletskoye lake. It is situated on the territory of Altai reserve in 100 meters from the mouth of the Big Korbu river flown into the Teletskoye lake in its eastern part. The waterfall height is 12,5 meters. In the middle of the Teletskoye lake opposite the waterfall is situated the deepest place – 325 meters. Old Altai legend says that a gold sword of khan Tele fell down at exactly this place and because of this the lake appeared.
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