Exploring Moscow
Special program for people from Asian countries
Program of the tour
Day 1
Sightseeing tour. There will be a unique opportunity to drive along the famous embankments and streets of the historic city. You will see: the Moscow Kremlin from all sides, the Square of three railway stations, Stalin's Skyscrapers, Red and Lubyanka Squares, the FSB Building, the Novodevichy Monastery, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Vorobyovy Gory, Poklonnaya Gora and the Triumphal Arch, the Business Center "Moscow City", Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Government House, Tverskaya Street and the monument to the founder cities, Manezhnaya Square, Bolshoi Theater.


Visiting Arbat street. Arbat is a living and continuous history of Russia. The fate of hundreds of famous people who have made a huge contribution to the development of both the capital and Russia as a whole is connected with Arbat. Politicians, public figures, writers, and actors lived here. The fate of numerous literary characters from the works of Russian authors is connected with the Arbat. There will be free time to buy souvenirs.
Walking tour of Red Square and Alexander Garden with a visit to the mausoleum of the leader of the proletariat – V.I. Lenin. Attractions: Eternal Flame and Grave of the Unknown Soldier with a change of the guard of Honor, Monument to Alexander I, Monument to Marshal of Victory – G.K. Zhukov, Manezhnaya Square and the Neglinka River, Historical Museum and Resurrection Gate, GUM and Kazan Cathedral, Spasskaya Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral and Vasilievsky Descent.

Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin. The Moscow Kremlin is the most beautiful architectural ensemble in the world and a unique monument to the history of Russia. An excursion to the Kremlin will show you its white-stone cathedrals and ceremonial palaces of different eras, ancient walls and pointed towers. The Kremlin tour includes: Cathedral Square, Assumption Cathedral (visit), Archangel Cathedral (visit), Annunciation Cathedral, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Tsar Bell, Tsar Cannon (cast in 1586), Patriarchal Palace, Senate and Arsenal, State Kremlin Palace, Grand Kremlin Palace, Walls and Towers.


Stalin's bunker. Visit Stalin's unique bunker. The first anti-nuclear bunker available for visiting in the Soviet Union. Bunker-42 was originally part of the Kremlin bunkers system for emergency evacuation of the Supreme Command, members of the Politburo and the State Security Leadership. The tour will tell you about how the "Bunker on Taganka" appeared, about its original purpose and construction goals. You will be shown new expositions — the reconstructed meeting room for the country's top leadership and the cabinet of I.V. Stalin.

Radisson Royal River cruise with dinner.

Excursion to the Izmailovsky Kremlin with a visit to the Museum of Russian vodka. Excursion program is a trip to the Russian antiquity. You will take a brief tour of the historical events of Russia associated with the Izmailovo estate, the history of a great country will appear before you, the events of which will forever be reflected in the unique architectural and historical appearance of the Kremlin in Izmailovo.


Visit to the Museum of Russian vodka. The vodka Museum has a collection reflecting the 500-year history of this ancient Russian drink. Here you will take away more than 600 types of drink, ancient recipes of the 18th century, historical documents and collections of vodka bottles. At the end of the tour, each guest will be able to taste a glass of vodka.

Free time.

Excursion to VDNH. A sightseeing tour of VDNH is an opportunity to get acquainted with the largest exhibition and museum complex, which has no analogues in the whole world. VDNH stands for "exhibition of achievements of the national economy". This is a unique monument of Soviet history, which attracts a huge number of tourists. With an individual sightseeing tour of VDNH, you can learn not only the history of the complex, but also visit the main attractions of the object without missing anything.


A tour of the Moscow metro. The Moscow Metro is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world: many of its metro stations look like halls and corridors of some palace or museum. The tour will take you from historical stations to modern stations, including MCC and BCL.

Kolomenskoye. Visit to the palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich is a modern reconstruction of a monument of Russian wooden architecture of the XVII century, an example of a special style, the essence of which is a combination of elements of architecture of pre—Peter Russia and Western Europe. The palace is distinguished by a high level of performing skills and decorativeness due to a variety of techniques and materials. Called by his contemporaries the "eighth wonder of the world", he has been preserved in numerous documents, memoirs, dimensional drawings, paintings and models in archives and museums of Russia and Western Europe. The reconstruction of the interiors is based on preserved historical sources describing the artistic decoration of the palace. During the tour, tourists will be able to participate in an interactive show.

Lunch. Free time

Tour price (Special program for people from Asian countries)
The program is available with a minimum - 5 pax
The tour price includes:
Accommodation in 3* or 4* chain hotels in the city Center
Meals for the group in Asian restaurants
Transfers according to the program
Chinese or English – speaking guide
Tickets to museums according to the program

The program can be shortened or expanded depending on the requests.

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